Sport Fishing
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Many Shoreline Yacht Club members are active saltwater anglers with a passion for sportfishing. They love the thrill and challenge of the “next big catch” and will gladly share their angling expertise with other enthusiasts. Whether you prefer to troll along the breakwall or sneak off to the backside of Cat Harbor, you will find other like-minded enthusiastic fishermen here. In addition to trading tips on fishing equipment and techniques, Anglers also actively advocate for continued wise marine environmental policy making that impacts local fishing and boating waters.



Shoreline Yacht Club hosts and participates in a number of angling events each year, including our annual Anglers Halibut Derby.


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Not a sport fisher? You can still get help from some of the best anglers in Southern California, learn to fish and involved with this vibrant group.


Call Angling Chairman Dan Anderson at 562-225-7343 or email